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Generational Gold


Hello and welcome. I am inspired to offer tarot card readings as a practice of meditation and celebrating the Now. My practice is focused on supporting mindfulness and self care by reconnecting with your inner child, your inner parent, and your inner elder. I offer this personal archeological dig with love to all, especially as community care for people of the African Diaspora.

I am calling this practice Generational Gold in homage of my grandmother "Teacher Mary" who also studied the tarot and numerology. It is my intention to expand and reignite our connection with the natural world and offered wisdom of our ancestors. Our meditation will be centered around generational healing with coaching that is sensitive to race, gender, economics and age intersectionality.

As a student of the Soul Tarot, this work is influenced by Lindsay Mack, Intuitive Tarot Teacher and the creator of Tarot for the Wild Soul, who is widely and justifiably praised for her intentional reinterpretation of modern spirituality. I am honored and thankful to have studied and continue to practice and learn from her and to represent a branch on her tree. You can find more about her work at: www.lindsaymack.com


There are no bad "omen" cards. I am not a fortune teller and cannot and do not wish to guess your future. But what I offer is guidance towards alignment with your gifts and purpose. Our relationship should feel like attending a yoga class- each session will be different and your inner work and being open to considering "what if" is key. 

So in the words of the beautiful and brilliant Wild Soul team, if this resonates with you, I am honored to support and hold space for you on that journey.

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