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Welcome emerging creatives and innovators!

This Fall/Winter 2020, we are offering a virtual 3-week accelerator designed to heighten your personal and professional path lead by Dalia Davies Flanagan, podcast executive producer, host and founder of WELM Media.


An accelerator is a collective that provides investment funding and mentoring for a fixed duration to the select group that apply. The Welm Accelerator will be open Monday, November 30 - Friday, December 18.

This cohort will have a focus on remote production, podcasting, and treatment writing with weekly focuses on Networking and Branding, Production and Skill Set, and Job Placement. All materials given will be created and/or hand picked for applicants specific individual growth and is not meant for mass distribution.


All applicants will need:

*reliable internet and email access

*1-hour minimum of time and space to focus daily.

Our mission at WELM Media is to disrupt the narrative for people of color in all media and society that undervalues the artistic contributions of black youth, black culture, and suppresses our innate intuitive genius. We position ourselves to lead from the front, to open the doors, to “Be The Narrative” and be the representation that generations will model for years to come. We do this through supporting positive work and products offered in black and brown communities and creating new spaces where innovators feel the confidence, protection, synergy and the freedom to shine. Because of this, the WELM accelerator is a paid mentorship program. At the conclusion of our three week agenda, each participant will have earned a one-time flat rate of $200.00 USD* as an investment in your future endeavors.



with a thoughtful response stating why we should choose YOU

Email a thoughtful response stating why we should choose YOU to:

The deadline for all application emails must be sent and received by Sunday, November 22nd.

Apply today as spots are limited.

*Any missed or skipped days can be grounds for non-payment.

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