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I am overjoyed to offer Tarot card readings as a practice of centering and celebration of your life. I offer this personal archeological dig with love to all, especially as community care for people of the African + Caribbean Diaspora.


My focus is a joyful radical self care through identifying, aligning and amplifying the current voice of your inner child, your inner parent, and your inner elder. I truly believe by witnessing our personal past and acknowledging our lineage, we can be more present in the now, bless our future self, and honor future generations.

This practice offers a therapeutic guidance towards alignment with your gifts and purpose. It is my pleasure to expand with you and reignite our connection with the earth and feminine wisdom to literally channel our ancestors wildest dreams for us. 

In my practice, you may notice a heavy orientation to the elements: WATER, EARTH, FIRE, and WIND. I believe nature is a common bond and language that we all speak and know to be true. I invite you to come back often and practice with me because intuition is like a muscle; the more you use it, the stronger and more confident the memory gets.

Click on the gold circles below for more in-depth descriptions of each sessions framework and please schedule and book  your reading today!

Offerings for Intuitive Seeds

  • a perfect and gentle introduction into tarot

    15 min

  • you already know... now let's reaffirm

    15 min

    5 US dollars
  • a fresh reading anchored by your birth date and the year ahead

    30 min

    15 US dollars



There are many misconceptions of the Tarot and I believe that stems from years of privatizing wellness. My approach with Generational Gold is to remix many of the old, European language and context towards a modern, inclusive, natural, and cultural collective. This is not an invitation to leave or be turned out from any lifelong spiritual practices you already hold. To quote Ms. Lauryn Hill, "let's free the people from deception / if you're looking for the answers / then you gotta ask the questions."

There's no shame in my game. You are welcome to have a friend or loved one with you during your reading, if it helps to calm any nerves. Just keep in mind, the cards have no filter and may present sensitive conversation. If you have a short memory, you can record the session, however, I do gently remind that this is a practice to honor the present moment- so it is likely that by the time you re-listen the message will have already been received and metabolized.

Offerings for Blossoming Fruit

  • an in-depth reading focused on mental health and wellness

    30 min

    20 US dollars
  • an in-depth reading realigning your energies and extroverted nature

    30 min

    20 US dollars
  • an in-depth reading enriching your inner purpose + introverted passion

    30 min

    20 US dollars
  • an in-depth reading focused on family healing and personal growth

    30 min

    20 US dollars

more about dalia

My coaching is inclusive to all religious, race, gender, economic and age intersectionality. This practice is called Generational Gold in honor of my grandmother "Teacher Mary" who was a Trinidadian school teacher, a nurse, a single mom, and a reverend in the AME Zion church who also studied the tarot and numerology. It is my intention to support you on your journey of mothering yourself in multitudes, just like my grandmother did.

As a "Wild Soul" and student of the Soul Tarot, this work is influenced by the beautiful and brilliant Lindsay Mack, an Intuitive Tarot Teacher and the creator of Tarot for the Wild Soul, who is widely and justifiably praised for her intentional reinterpretation of modern spirituality. I am honored and thankful to have studied and continue to practice and learn from her and to represent a branch on her tree. You can find more about her work at: www.lindsaymack.com 


The elements of Astrology infused in my readings are influenced by the craft and talent of Jeff Hinshaw. You can receive more from his expansive knowledge at: www.cosmiccousins.com 

This practice lives in a gradient of opportunities and invitations built upon solid pillars that I uphold and protect: (1) there are NO bad/omen/evil/dark cards and (2) this is a free will universe where nothing is fixed, rooted or predestined. I am not a fortune teller. The more honest and communicative you are, the more we can get done. I respect privacy and will never post or shared content from your session.

It is my hope that our relationship will feel like attending a yoga class: come as often as you'd like, each session will be different and your inner work honoring where you've been and where you would like to go is key. Exercising your energetic intuition and flexing your spiritual savvy should be fun and effortless.

I look forward to building with you,

with love


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