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Hi. This page and offering is the backbone of WELM media because the one thing I know to be true (as cliche as it sounds) is that 'health is wealth' and it is almost impossible to sustain high levels of success and achievement without centering mental and physical wellness.


Okay, quick Story Time: so, boom... I blazed through my teens and 20s like a comet. For over 15+ years, I worked selflessly traveling the world producing highly anticipated television series and magazine editions, working side by side with celebrities and A-list entrepreneurs and innovators. I earned a gag worthy weekly paycheck and took modeling gigs on the weekends, just for fun. I had the ambition and audacity to want it all. So I married my friend and coworker, spent millions of dollars on homes in Brooklyn and in the Hamptons. And of course we had to fill those homes with bouncing babies. It was a fantasy. However, with the macro-aggressions associated with the intersectionality of being young, gifted, black and woman; having to constantly uphold and mend the pillars of representation and excellence, I felt a growing weight from pouring into a billion cups and saving nothing for myself. My metaphorical well had run dry and at an emotional rock bottom I had to be disciplined around re-channeling my flow. So, I started routine therapy sessions with a friend referred licensed psychotherapist in NYC. I revisited my boundaries, which were basically none. I then reconnected with aunties and elders who I historically experienced as being uplifting, and skipped interactions with the downpressers no matter how obliged I felt. And I breathed life into my hobbies and passions including Gardening, Yoga, Meditation, Astrology, Numerology and the Tarot. 


In all of this, I have built a calm in the container of space where the tarot has risen to being my primary overflow of a form of tangible living art that honors and celebrates the multitudes of my life. Where ever you are in your pocket of life, if you can sense that you too are burning it on both ends and of all the websites, you magically landed on my page, then I personally invite you to consider this spiritual and metaphysical practice with me.  I am overjoyed to offer Tarot Card Readings and present that peace and freedom that I know and wish for everyone I meet. My intention is a joyful radical self care through identifying and amplifying the current voice of your inner child, your inner parent, your inner ancestor and an advocacy of the inner self. I truly believe by objectively witnessing ourselves we can find the courage to acknowledge our lineage and create the space to bless and honor our future.


It is my pleasure to expand with you and reignite our connection with the earth. In my practice, you may notice a heavy orientation centering the elements: WATER, EARTH, FIRE, and WIND. This is my deliberate work and positioning to decolonize much of the realm and context that I thought was married to the messages from the Tarot, but that I ultimately found to be very eurocentric, outdated and unrelatable to me and to my circle of friends and family. I believe nature is a common bond and language that we all speak and know to be true. I offer this personal archeological dig with love to all, especially as community care for people of the African + Caribbean Diaspora.