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June 2022 Adulting Cheat Sheet: Love, love, love!

Happy Black Music Month. Happy Pride. Happy Juneteenth. Big Ups to Caribbean American Month. Happy Hoochie Daddy Season. Happy Summer Solstice and welcome to the 4th House of Home and Family. This is your energetic Adulting Cheat Sheet for the month ahead (CLICK HERE for full screen).

We are reaching the peak of 2022 as we take a nourishing and well-needed dive out of the air and into the waters of Cancer season. So, you know we gotta spend time talking to the moon. Last month ended with the New Moon in Gemini on May 30. I can't help but notice that at the beginning of the 2022, all of the New Moons were at the start of each month. I did a little research and it seems like that won't happen again until roughly May 2024...which feels very significant. Sense into how your rituals can ride this new wave. What can you adjust and adapt to the this slightly new circadian rhythm? I believe Saturn will also be retrograde, so this is a great time to break the rules.

Around the Full Moon in Sagittarius, how can you use travel and/ or the pursuits of higher learning to bring you closer to those that matter the most in your family? Is it time for that road trip to visit your favorite cousins? Is it time to make photo copies of grand uncles legendary cook book? And for those of use who are more in tune with our introverted self...the givers, not the takers... how can absence make the heart grow fonder? Trust your gut instincts around decision making close to the New Moon on June 28. Let your Inner Parent have a seat at the table.

I have really enjoyed the monthly pulls lead by a zodiac slash numerology mash up, so here's one for June. Big Lovers energy. And let's not forget we are in a Lovers year (2022= 2+0+2+2= 6). Get selfish in the best way possible. Not rude selfish. Self-ISH. Treat yourself to a mini vacation from the norm. Practice speaking to yourself in the way you would speak to a 6th grader. And here's a question for that secret crush you have: Do you feel puppy love for them, or for who you BECOME when you're with them?

If you would like to see which cards come forward for you, BOOK This Month's Guided Mediation with me via the Generational Gold page.

Happy June Everyone!

with love,

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