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April 2020: Adulting Cheat Sheet

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Welcome to our very first Adulting Cheat Sheet. 2020 is proving that health is wealth and sustainability is success. The COVID-19 quarantine is offering us tons of space to burn and let go of old patterns, mindfully surrender to the present and be open to trusting our power to create new ways of living that helps the planet and our sanity. We are all in this together, and the solitude has unearthed a huge desire in many of us to share with the community our tools, skills, and wisdom. Anything that helps us nurture from inside our homes, outwards. The tips below have been key for my inner circle and so we are sharing with the hope that these lessons learned supports you and yours. Each one, teach one…with love.

-the welm

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Shareable Cheat Sheet:

Adulting In April
Download PDF • 4.78MB

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