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"Cosmic Cousins" Podcast featuring Generational Gold

“This is my voice. My weapon of choice.”


-Grace Jones

So, the WORD is grateful 🙏🏾 If you don’t already listen to Cosmic Cousins (the podcast) or follow the brilliant work coming out of Jeff Hinshaw explaining why we are feeling all of the feelings go right on ahead and start, and let me quickly tell you why.

My absolute FAVORITE astrologer Jeff Hinshaw invited moi to chat on his podcast #CosmicCousins episode 107 (...and yes we are officially cousins now. Haha)

I was super nervous 1. due to sheer disbelief and 2. due to fear and anxiety that my Gemini may ramble and babble on incoherently (negative self talk on 10).

But Jeff, once again, dropped SCIENCE and now I am sitting in this #BlackMoonLilith serving confidence in self-worth and in the beauty of my natural ways. I am working to appreciate how I see things, how I hear things, how I process and channel things. I am working radically but with ease to hold up a mirror to myself and love, love, love what is there. The halloween full moon came in like a flashlight and I am so grateful for the opportunity.

I literally cannot say enough positive things about Jeff. Please support this man! From the first time I saw his podcast cover art, to building the habit of taking notes from his extensive and effortless knowledge of all things celestial; I love how young and dope he is, his legendary “ha ha haaa” laugh when connections show up illuminated. I am so grateful to be a part of his tribe. To be seen as a teacher, to be held like a student 💐 I will be buying my flowers and then releasing them.

Sign up for his newsletter at: if birth charts, sun, moon and rising signs, etc. are a whole new language to you and you need to re-read, re-visit, rewind like I often do.

Listen to this beautiful spirit. Support this beautiful spirit. Download. Subscribe. Share. Connect.

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