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Artist + Educator: Carla Aaron Lopez

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Every week on the podcast I begin each episode reflecting on the gifts that our featured guest brings to the conversation through their craft, their words, their actions and practices. And something always pops up that inspires me to think differently. This week I am inspired to think differently about thinking differently. And to honor the women who walk in that space daily we welcome Carla Aaron Lopez to the conversation.

In the streets and in the creative communities of Los Angeles, California, and in the dirty south, Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina, she is known as King Carla. If you catch her in the day working at her Title 1 Middle School she is know as Ms. Lopez. But to those that know her well she is just Carla.

Carla Aaron-Lopez is an artist and an educator. We met many moons ago in undergrad at our campus newspaper, The Campus Echo. And after all these years I can say that hanging out with Carla is like a living yoga sequence. If you can stay honest and present, step by step, at the end you’ll be amazed at where you went.

This complete foodie, beer connoisseur and self-proclaimed villain through the practice of listening, playing, talking, and being open to the golden theory “what if…” has earned a BFA in Art, MFA in Photography and MA in Printmaking.

She has won numerous grants and awards for her body of work, but her most treasured achievement and title is Mommy.

Carla inspires me and I truly hope she inspires you too. Listen to this episode on the page, on your Apple Podcast App or where ever you tune in!

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