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MultiMedia Artist + CEO: Rubadiri Victor

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

This week on Melanated Mom Talk, I feel inspired to think differently about the man vs woman dynamic. Malcolm X said and it has continually proven to be true that the most disrespected, the most unprotected, and most neglected person in America is the black women. But that sad truth from the past needs to be wildly abandoned for the future.

The heated argument is this: that whenever black people (as a group under attack) begin to feel progress in dismantling the racist framework we are constantly fighting, that when black women speak up about and include our intersectionality and fight for women’s rights and protection of our bodies that it is conveniently seen as divisive from the 'big picture' of 'freedom'. Which, of course, is a lie and completely upside down perspective. To say we won’t be able to move forward as a whole if we keep breaking out into subdivision is game- and its not even good game. So, I extend my arms and hands to the men, to challenge and ultimately ask, can you see our fight in your fight? Can you see me in you?

For the first time (and not the last) we welcome a man to speak on the podcast. And this has been a long time coming, with many listeners and supporters wondering if our show title suggests that it is only a space for women- and not just women- mothers, to be exact. To which I was always emphatically said we need everyone to listen and hear what black women have experienced and what we have to say. In fact, black women speaking about black women are often preaching to the choir. All races, conforming and nonconforming gender roles, economic and education levels, all science based or spiritual based practitioners, everybody should come and catch some of this perspective.

And so to truly honor those allies who walk in the space of learning, expanding, and being open to engage dually as an outsider and an insider to motherhood, we welcome interdisciplinary artist and author of the groundbreaking "Hurricane Floyd: A Mytho-Poetic Reading of Current Events", Mr. Rubadiri Victor to the conversation.

Rubadiri Victor is a multi-media interdisciplinary artist. He enjoys the creativity of being a director, a designer, a photographer, and a painter. In August of 2015, harnessing his apprenticeship with some of the giants of Trinidadian artistry, he launched the Wirebend Folklore Theater. For more information on all of his offerings, visit:

As an activist and writer, Rubadiri is a columnist, a cultural historian and heritage conservationist. Mr. Victor is a proud founder and president of several companies and organizations, including The Artists’ Coalition of Trinidad & Tobago (ACTT) He created the Generation Lion Magazine built upon the artistic scene growing grassroots, in his home, where he would host gatherings to bridge the generation gap and essentially mother his community of artist mentors and friends. Rubadiri is the owner of Passion Fruit Publishing Ltd. which is currently working on a 21-part graphic novel, comic book "The New Adventures of Anansi " with an accompanying prequel featuring Anansi’s grandmother, unpacking the origin story of the powers the flow three generations deep into the beloved fable trickster hero.

As a front man, Rubadiri is the lead singer and songwriter of the Rapso-Fusion band, Chantwell and as a masman he has lead the j'ouvert band Generation Lion during the legendary Trinidadian carnival since 2003.

Rubadiri is at the center of a kaleidoscope of Caribbean art and on this episode we talk about it all. We hear a special performance of his poem honoring George Floyd, we talk about the active role of artists as essential workers, he gives us powerful insight on his current theories and campaigns for what he’s calling for The #BlackInfinity and the urgent looks at sparking a #BlackHealthRevolution.

Rubadiri inspires me and I truly hope he inspires you too. Listen to this episode on the page, on your Apple Podcast App or where ever you tune in!

This podcast episode also features music from Chantwell and the legendary Trinidadian Calypsonian The Mighty Shadow Buy their music today!

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