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Get The Mirror with Code RACHEL3

Our featured guest and new mom friend, Rachel Nicks Lyons, is gifting the welm with her special promotional code RACHEL3 for a discounted subscription to what Time Magazine listed as "one of the best inventions of 2018," The Mirror . With an elegant and modern design, The Mirror is the smartest fitness equipment on the market that recreates that one-on-one gym training experience in the comfort of your own home.

Here's where you pull out the calculator and calendar. The Mirror cost $1,495 and can be financed with costs spread across one, two, or three years. Once purchased, the monthly subscription is a low $39 and when you use the promo code RACHEL3 you will also receive three months free, which is pretty awesome.

The Mirror weighs about 70lbs, which is light enough to be mounted and moved around but heavy enough to stay put. It was created and designed by a mother who knows what living with small kids running around is truly like- so don't worry, its sturdy and safe, but looks like it popped out of a Restoration Hardware catalog.

There’s over 50 live classes per week with all ages, and all abilities and disabilities welcome. Create your perfect work plan with Pre and Post Natal, Stretch, Barre, Arms and Abs, Meditation, Kettlebell, Yoga, Kickboxing, Cardio and Strength, Family Fun, Pilates, Weight Training, and much more. And with our current health crisis and way of life The Mirror is truly is the future.

Visit and don't forget the code: RACHEL3 💫

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