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June 2020: Adulting Cheat Sheet

Welcome to the June Adulting Cheat Sheet. It goes without saying that welm was founded and is aligned with the concepts and heart of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. This unprecedented time has been a perfect storm for justice: American citizens being quarantined at home for all of our health and safety, coupled with the capabilities of technology to record and share evidence of police brutality. There is no longer a place for racism and concepts of white supremacy to hide. Appropriately, the meat of this change is happening during the month of June, perfectly timed to truly celebrate Juneteenth by supporting small owned businesses, many founded by young, black men and womxn.

So in an effort to use our platform to continue the conversation and make access to change approachable and relatable to this community, we are highlighting some of our personal favorite black-owned businesses featured on Season 1 of Melanated Mom Talk, the podcast. The links below highlight intellectual contributions, brands, fashion and beauty products that represent just a spritz of resources we can all use to practice preference and acknowledgment to originators and creators of color, because finance and freedom go hand-in-hand. So #PullUp

Order a new book on Amazon, try a new product line, add a new web series to your nightly watch-list, research a new organization to donate money in support of, bookmark a new conversation to listen to while working out, cleaning, gardening; whatever it is feel empowered to come at this movement from all angles.


Shareable Cheat Sheet:

ACS - June
Download PDF • 513KB

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