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New Season, Who Dis!?

What up everyone. This is just a little note to mention the softest season launch ever. haha. That’s right, Melanated Mom Talk is back with Season 2!!

You’ve heard it a million times by now, but life is truly completely different, especially for us working parents. Having to maintain our careers, our personal life and our children’s growth during a global pandemic has been a trial by fire.

But I have used the time to revisit and revise my standards and practices. That includes bundling all content created BC and AC… Before Corona Virus and After Corona Virus because our conversation as a society has changed so radically in these past few months.

Help me spread the word about our conversations. Please rate this podcast 5-stars on apps like Apple podcasts, Spotify and iHeartRadio and download your favorite episodes. Ratings boost promotion of this show on their sites by showing our active listenership. The podcasting world is still like the wild wild west and tallying support is still only quantifiable in a few ways.

Write us a quick review. I love to take in all the feedback and make the show even more yours. If you haven't already, subscribe to our podcast so that you receive automatic updates when new content is available. And know that it is super easy to share these episodes with your friends and family, and we truly welcome all posts made on social media. Don't forget to tag us @melanatedmomtalk with #MelanatedMomTalk or #MotheringInMultitudes or #MotherOf

I'd love to connect with you!

We are still holding the space for emotionally nourished children of color and maintaining the joy and balance for the womxn who uplift them. I do what I do for myself, for my friends and family, and for humanity at large. And I pray that everyone’s flow is abundant.

Like I always say, if you are an organization, a company or have a product or brand and would like to collaborate with me and get the word out on this podcast, email us at Now is the time, more than ever, to support small-homegrown business who really care and are constantly thinking about their niche. And double bonus for all women lead businesses and black owned businesses. Come stand on this remote virtual stage with me and spread the word to the people. It’s nation building time in a sustainable way. Join the welm.

If you are a graduating college senior or if you know a graduate email me your/their resume. Who knows!? Someone listening to this podcast may have the power to hire, and we are living in your young world. Until then, don’t forget. I see you and I love you.

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